Principal’s Message

Welcome to New Life Academy!!

It’s my privilege to welcome you to visit our school website and get to know the school.

The school has classes from Pre-Nursery to Class VIII. It is from the beginning that the founders envisioned a school that will be diff-

Mr. Gladwin Masih, Headmaster

-erent from other schools including many Christian based institutions.


At New Life Academy we look at everything from a different point of view. The basis of this viewpoint or attitude is the “Holy Bible”. The sacred book shows us who we are and what our relationship with God is and should be. It gives objective standards for our behavior, lends dignity to our treatment to one another, provides motivation for personal excellence, makes the syllabus exciting as it gives a reference point for all subjects, and then encourages us to apply this viewpoint to the rest of life. A campus characterized by learning by peace, joy, lasting friendships. It is an academy of “a life full of love and hope”.

I hope and pray that if your child happens to be admitted to New Life Academy, he/she will pass out from this school as a well-rounded individual and will be Christ-like being.

Gladwin Masih