We believe that each child has a unique combination of interpersonal, linguistic, musical, artistic, kinaesthetic and naturalist ‘intelligences’ therefore New Life Academy is a hub for igniting students in areas of their respective interests as well as developing them academically through varied co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and events held at the school. It is our belief that those students who participate fully in integral learning are best prepared to live meaningful, successful lives, and are equipped to make significant contributions to the world around them.

The school is affiliated to the Uttarakhand Board of Education and follows the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education pattern with a strong Language Arts and Phonics foundation.

  1. Playgroup to Kindergarten – the students in these classes study English, Hindi, Maths and Environmental Science and experience continuous and comprehensive evaluation. Their regular day usually comprises of- Pattern Writing, Phonics Sounds & Vocabulary, Rhymes and Action Songs, Activities related to the topic being introduced and many more.
  2. Grade 1 & 2- the students in these classes study the following subjects- English, Hindi,
    Maths, Environmental Science, General Knowledge and Value Education

The students in these classes are subject to continuous assessments and four unit tests which make up their entire evaluation for the academic year.

  1. Grade 3 to 8– In these classes, the students are given access to the library and the computer lab in addition to their regular subjects.

Students from every grade are subject to continuous and comprehensive evaluation along with the following major assessments during the academic year-

Unit Test-1 Grade 1 to 8 In the month of May
Unit Test-2 Grade 1 & 2 In the month of September
Term- 1 Examination Grade 3 to 8 In the month of September
Unit Test-3 Grade 1 to 8 In the month of December
Unit Test -4 Grade 1 & 2 In the month of March
Term-2 Examination Grade 3 to 8 March

Nikita Edward
Education Co-ordinator